Monday Morning “Where the hell is my coffee and eggs?” edition

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Good morning. How’re you all handling that massive snowstorm that hit the east coast overnight? 5-7 inches of snow, enough to cancel meetings and put the rush-hour into turmoil, huh? It was so bad, that…

Oh, wait.

So this morning finds us with an interesting editorial from Ad Age’s media guy, Simon Dumenco, asking whether or not Nick Denton’s grand idea of paying bloggers per views. While he laments that Denton probably is a visionary, he also asks if pages that reach the lowest common denominator is really what we want to be spending our time reading.

One more quick note from Ad Age: There’s actually a story by Mike Vorhaus that talks about a study showing that Internet and TV are the leading the list of ways men pass the time. No, seriously.

In other news, a bus driver today drove a bus.

I’ve been told I have to watch season one of Battlestar Galactica, which is now out on HD-DVD. Before I get into it, I must ask – is it as good as everyone says it is?

Also – Quick Poll: Bob Harris, Bill Murray’s character in Lost in Translation – Poor soul, or cheating prick? Settle an argument.

Also x2: I’m speaking twice this week. Tomorrow night at the Social Media Club of New York with Andrew Weinreich (who’s brilliant, in my opinion). Registration is mandatory, or the building won’t let you in. Then, Wednesday morning, I’m speaking at a breakfast in Long Island (yes, I’m taking the train to Hicksville at like, half past pre-dawn).

Note my Facebook Group got mentioned in Media Bistro. Join it or I’ll kick your ass. And two of my friends on it wound up in Entrepreneur and CNN. Last week alone. So there.

Want the chance to sponsor a car that could run over Kim Jong-il? They emailed me because a few years ago, I got a client to sponsor a car that ran over several cans of chocolate.

You know my Monday isn’t going to go at all well when one of the first pieces of gossip I read is about how Rachel Bilson won’t go naked for any movie scene, ever. And even worse, she’s the “20 Questions” interview in Playboy this month. I mean, you see the words “Rachel Bilson” on the cover of Playboy, and you’re all like, “YEAH!” Then it’s followed by “20 Questions,” and you’re all like, “oh.”

On the flip side, though, thank you Rolling Stone Brazil.

I ran the full Central Park loop yesterday for the first time in like, forever. My times, as to be expected, are way the hell up. But it felt so good to be back.

Today finds me on conference call after conference call, attempting to do battle with the forces of stupidity. Forces of stupidity, beware.

Although for what it’s worth, it is nice to be back in the office for a change.

I’m hoping my new site gets finished sometime today, or at the very least, this week. My designer hasn’t responded to any of my emails, I can only assume he’s dead. We’ll see.

Last item of note: Madonna spends $10k a month on bottled water. Woman, you live in NEW YORK CITY. We got the best water in the world! What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m getting more coffee.

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