Monday Morning Coffee…

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And it’s back to Monday again…

Last week found me in Denver for Disaboom, then drinking several bloody marys while waiting for my delayed flight home. While waiting, I had time to think and write my latest blog post for the NY Sun, specifically on how not to gain weight this holiday season.

Read a very interesting story in today’s Guardian, about how when countries tense up to go to war, freelance journalists are usually the casualties. Very interesting. It’s pretty incredible, the job these guys have.

This week finds me in Raleigh on Wednesday, speaking at The Triangle Interactive Marketing Association’s monthly luncheon, on a panel about, what else, social networking and social marketing.

Thursday finds me at the Fresh Air Fund’s Annual Fall Benefit and Silent Auction, which should be a blast. It’s also a really cool charity with which to be involved – They do really good things for kids.

Friday night is the annual Financial Follies – I’m SO psyched for that – It’s always fun.

There’s a race this weekend. I may or may not do it.

If you’re in Floriday this weekend, though, stop by the LPGA ADT Championship, where Witch Hazel will be a key sponsor, handing out tons of their new Witch Hazel towelettes.

Props to Jason Falls, for figuring out a cool thing to do with Twitter, involving the Baja 1000, a Satellite phone, GPS, and Twittering. Must have been hell to put together, and it’s going to be really cool to see it work. Send a text to 40404 with the phrase FOLLOW ROBBYGORDON and see it work yourself. I have.

Finally, with her new ad campaign out, I have to think back and smile when I realized that I was next door neighbors with her for two years. It was kinda weird, though, to be waiting for the elevator to go for a run and  Lenny comes out in chains and leather.

Happy Monday.

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