Major NYC Agency Hiring… Want a job?

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Got this email this morning from a friend. Interested? Talented? Send me your resume – I’ll forward. You get to work with her, and she’s exceptionally cool – but you also get to work on REALLY fun accounts. And because it’s a big agency, you get good backing, and get to pitch big corporate accounts. If I ever went to another agency, I’d work with her.

Have fun… Send me your resumes. But be intelligent. Seriously. peter <a-t>

Oh, and forward to whomever you think should see this.

Do you know /have any friends or contacts who are VP or SVPs in tech PR?  We have a few tech openings at _______ in case your friends are interested, I can send their resumes to HR if anyone wants / needs a new job.  We have good positions for these peeps. Thought I should tell you given the obscene amount of people you know.

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