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Just got a note from the organizer to promote Mobiqa, as they’re giving away a gift to all attendees – simply text “mobiqa” with your handset make, (like, mobiqa nokia, or mobiqa sony) to them, and then go to the booth and show them the resonse. They’ll scan your response (a barcode) and announce the winner. The prize? A bottle of 12-year-old Highland Park Malt Whisky. Is everyone against the non-drinkers here? Sheesh.

Just met up with Graeme Harvey, of Harper Collins UK, who asked about 3G penetration in the US. Told him what I know, and told him I’d get him more answers. Also told him I’d send him a copy of my book.

Mark Laudi, the Managing Director of Hong Bao Media (Holdings) Pte Ltd, Singapore, is moderating the next panel. He’s a DEAD RINGER for Kevin Spacey, and I used that to my advantage, introducing him as Verbal Kent.

Here’s Verbal and the rest of the South East Asia panel.

Here’s me dismissing everyone for lunch.

Note: Just because you put your hand over the cell phone, in no way means we STILL CAN’T HEAR YOU SPEAKING DURING THE MIDDLE OF A PANEL.

Just saw the most SPECTACULAR minute-long video for Indian Mobile usage. Sounds weird, but it was spectacular. I’m getting a copy and going to you-tube it.

Lunch happening shortly. Which is good, as people are starting to fade.

Just spoke to the presenter who showed the video of cell phone usage in India. He’s sending me a copy. Sweet. Off to lunch. Mmm… Tofu.

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