Life is Messy.

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Happy Tuesday from a chilly New York City. After my last email, I received a note from Jeanne M., who works in a retirement community, and wanted to comment on my point that you can’t hate your past if you like who it has made you.

She mentioned a resident named Bobby G., who shared some wisdom with her, that she shared with me. I’m fortunate today to be able to share it with you.

She said simply this:

Life is messy. If it’s not messy, you’re not living. It’s like apples with no seeds: More convenient, but then you won’t be getting any more apples.”

Possibly one of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever heard.

Life is supposed to be messy! That’s how we learn, that’s how we build, that’s how we grow. If everything were easy, wrapped up with a little bow, we’d never improve.

So the next time things aren’t looking so good, or you’re having one of “those” days, think about Bobby G, and appreciate the mess. From the mess, you’re getting seeds, and from the seeds, you’re growing.

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