License Plate Winner!

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Big props to Alan Bentrup, of Androvett Legal Media. Alan comes from the “keep it simple” school of license plate creation, and submitted his entry to me without so much as a “hi,” or a “here’s my submission.”

His submission – basic, true to form – gets the message across:


Brilliant in its basicness.

Unfortunately, Alan, even though yours was  the best, it can’t be used – the NYS DMV won’t allow dashes in license plates. So while your entry is stunning, unfortunately, I can use it.

Other notable entries:

Serena Fischer of BusinessWire: KNOWITAL

Josh Hallett: IPROMOTU

Scott Lerman: HOTPITCH

Estela Cabrero: RELEASE (which I personally think would be fun to have on a license plate…)

And Casey  Kaplan: JACKFLAK

Thank you all for your submissions ! Alan, send me your address for a prize.

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