Last Night’s Social Media Club New York Event

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Thanks to Steve Eisenberg and Howard Greenstein for putting it all together. About 70 people showed up! Wow! It’s always a pleasure to speak with Andrew Weinreich, and together, I think we really gave some good ideas about where social networking is, where it’s going, and who’s winning. It was a lot of fun.

Another nice thing it did was allow me to personally connect with a few Facebook friends I’ve only met online up until this point.

And when I got home, I saw that I broke 1,000 friends. What’s kind of amazing about that is that they’re actually people I either know, have networked with, or who have come personally recommended. That, to me, is kind of cool – they’re “real,” if that makes any sense.

Me and Andrew Weinreich before the start. (Photo: Steve Eisenberg)

I’m up this early to head to the Long Island Chapter of the Society for Professional Marketing Services, where I’m keynoting their breakfast. Long Island Rail Road, here I come. Woo.

Happy Wednesday!

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