Jordan Golson from Valleywag Chokes on Own Foot. Film at 11.

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So I’m sitting in the press room next to Jordan Golson from Valleywag. I comment on something, and he runs with it. Nice enough guy, we shared a joke or two. Then, he says to the table, “I love when my editors tell me to interview people and I have no idea who they are. Like this jackass – Gary Krakow from MSNBC. Who the hell is he? I have no idea.”

So as Jordan is lamenting his fate, a nice guy on the other side of the table looks up and starts staring at him. REALLY HARD.

You know what’s coming. It was Gary Krakow.

It was awesome. To watch Jordan turning a lovely shade of purple was like nothing I’ve ever seen. I broke the silence of the table by saying “This is the most surreal moment I’ve ever been witness to.”

To which Antony Bruno of Billboard, sitting to my right, agreed. “Seriously, what the hell,” he added.

This was quite the last four minutes of the show. Even better than me finding David Caruso on the escalator.

Below – Gary and Jordan, with the blood slowly returning to his cheeks. Slowly. Note corrective media outlet under Gary.

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