It's OK – I'm with the Brand – Urgent HARO queries moving from @skydiver to @helpareporter

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When I started HARO, it was a small group of people, and sending out urgent queries on Twitter seemed like a natural outcropping. Made sense. A no-brainer.

With almost 50,000 Twitter followers, reporters LOVE the reach we have, and use these urgent queries often.

The rub, however, is that some people just want HARO urgent queries, and don’t care about the many humorous situations and TSA anal-probes that make up my daily life. Can you believe it? Me neither.

Anyhow… Thom, my COO (and Dopamine blocker) suggested that we work to grow the HARO brand – not take it away from the Peter Shankman brand, but help grow it as an entity by itself. Not that it hasn’t been – but it should be more. And I agree.

So as of this morning, all urgent queries will now go on the Help A Reporter Twitter Feed – and NOT on my Skydiver feed. I encourage you to sign up for the Help a Reporter Feed today, so you have a better chance of continuing to get great press opportunities through HARO.

And I’d also ask you – Don’t unsubscribe from my personal stream. That would hurt my feelings, since we all know my self-worth is based on my Twitter count. Well, it’s not really, but I like to think that the majority of my followers are there because I have worthwhile things to say on the world of social media, content, marketing, PR, advertising, customer service, travel, and hey, life as a whole, as well as the HARO urgent queries. As of now, I have 45,412 followers. I do hope that keeps up.

Thanks for listening!

-Peter ShankmanFounder/CEO – HARO

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