It's official. I want to be my cat.

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I’m sitting here, working my ass off. It’s raining outside. I’ve had a crappy week in many ways. I’ve had a headache for two days straight. I haven’t run all week. It’s never going to get warm. I haven’t skydived in so long, I’m sure I’m going to forget what to do the next time I exit the plane, and make a crater in the earth nine feet deep.

While I sit here bitching about all of this, NASA, one of my two cats, sits next to me, sleeping, without so much as a care in the world. EVER.

I’ll tell you… It must be nice.NASA T. Cat

Perhaps he’s dreaming about the sun coming out, or about it warming up so I can start running again, and get back into training…

Or perhaps he’s doing none of the above, because he’s a cat.

TGIF. For reals.

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