It can’t always be about work…

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Quiz time…

Which part of my day would most likely NOT be listed here if I worked for someone else, or an agency, or didn’t run my own company? (Hint: I’ve bolded the correct answer.)

8:30: Email client, confirm interview with media outlet

9:30 Media interview with client

10:30: Conference call with client and reporter

11:30: Listen in on client sales call

1pm: Work on Proposal for new business

2:00: Send proposal to potential new client

3:15: Look at WeatherBug in task bar and notice that it’s SIXTY DEGREES AND SUNNY on JANUARY 20th IN NEW YORK CITY!! Quickly run out of office, throw on t-shirt, running shorts, and sneakers, and head out for an eight-mile run along the Hudson River.

4:45: Come back, finish working on emails, answer client question, finish up some basic stuff.

5:30: Leave for weekend.

And a gorgeous run it was.

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