The Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky Challenge

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Every one in a while, a company reaches out to me and says “Hey, we have this product you should try, can we send it to you?”

I usually decline, more often than not, the product doesn’t fit into my number one rule, which is, “will using this and talking about it help my audience?”

This time, though, I figured I could record myself trying it out, and if nothing else, you’d enjoy it.

Enter “Stick in a Box,” a company that will send you a monthly supply of Beef Jerky. All different types. They sent me a box. I opened it, and there were five or six different types of all-natural beef jerky in the box. Including “Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky.”

“Oh, how bad can this be,” I thought. I like spicy things. I didn’t think it would be that terrible.

Before I show you how wrong I was, let me tell you that Stick in a Box gave me a code for you to use – 20% off any orders at their website – Just use code Shankman – And enjoy it. You might want to stay away from the Ghost Pepper jerky, though.



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