I’m having serious issues with Houston

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Sitting in Norita Airport, Tokyo, delayed. Why? Because there were mechanical issues with CO Flight Six, going from Norita to Houston.

But Peter! You don’t live in Houston! You’d rather chew off your foot than live in Houston! What does the Houston flight 6 have to do with your flight 8?

Easy: Houston is a bigger hub for Continental than Newark. So the powers that be in Norita simply decided (per standard operating procedure, I’m sure,) to give the Houston passengers our plane, and make the Newark passengers sit on their asses until they can (hopefully) fix the Houston (now Newark) plane.

So at 4:54pm Tokyo time (3:54am New York time) I sit here, knowing that even if we DO get out of here, I’ve still got 13 hours of flying ahead of me.

Oh, happy day.

Oh- And… I STILL CAN’T F’ING DRINK. So no, there is NO JOY in this situation, in the SLIGHEST.

Me, showing SERIOUS displeasure at Houston.

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