I’m a chair! And mobisodes, and Playboy TV…

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I think I’d prefer to be an ottoman.


So, a lot of people here are talking about “Mobisodes,” i.e., episodes of whatever (drama, comedy, sitcoms, etc) on your mobile. They’re cut up, usually 3-5 minutes each, usually around 8-10 episodes.

My question – When are we watching them? My number one guess is commuting (and I posed that question to everyone at the show, and they all agreed) – so if the question is while commuting, does that put another nail in the death coffin of the newspaper, like I predicted in late 05? What happens if we can all watch TV now, on our mobiles, as opposed to reading the New York Times?

Perhaps we’d better start cultivating better relationships with those morning show editors, huh?

Finally – overused term of the day: “bite-sized content.” Sigh.

Playboy TV is here talking about how monthly models (no pun intended) work well for them overseas. It’s the “forget-about-it” syndrome. $7.00 a month buried into your mobile bill is almost invisible.

BuzzCity is doing a presentation next. I’m curious to hear what they’re going to say. At 1.6 million members, they’re probably worth listening to.

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