I wish more editors were this blunt.

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While some might be taken aback by Pavia Rosati’s bluntness in the following email exchange, I for one, tip my hat and give her total credit – She gets slammed every day by press release after press release. Rather than just ignore it, she comes out and says what she thinks – tells me that I can spend my energy elsewhere, instead of beating around the bush. I wish more reporters and editors were as forward as Pavia is – It would make for a better working relationship, in my opinion.

Me: Pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch.

Pavia’s email back to me: Hey Peter. I love your commitment to this, but this isn’t something I’m going to write about. Sorry!

Simple, to the point, and I get it. I emailed her asking why – not to re-pitch, but to find out her objection to the story – perhaps I can use it to better hone my pitch for the next reporter – And I bet she’ll respond.

Some editors are just really smart like that. Pavia is one of them.

UPDATE: She DID respond – and I’ve retooled my pitch, accordingly. Class act, that Pavia.

UPDATE TWO: As I confirmed with my friend Rachel, the founder of a site called eConfidant.com, Daily Candy simply doesn’t write about dating sites. Even though AirTroductions isn’t entirely a dating site, it makes sense. So I get it. Again, props to Pavia for being that straightforward with me.

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