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And with that lovely thought gracing your coffee and muffin this morning, I’m at EWR to grab a flight there for CES. With any luck, I’ll be heading back east less than 48 hours after arriving. Which, by the way, should be MORE than enough time for ANYONE in that city.

In other news, kudos one more time to Ann Shoket, who starts her new job as EIC at 17 Magazine today. Hung out with her and some of her CosmoGirl buddies at Thor on Friday night, discussing everything from the latest in hair care, which boy band currently sports the best abs, and of course, whether the International Monetary Fund is prepared for the massive growth in the Yen coming from the aging of Asia’s population.

Kudos also to Deb Roth, who starts her job at CNN today. Welcome back to the 9-5 world, Deb. CNN couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Yesterday, I ran a race in Central Park and realized the massive detrimental effect one month of slacking on my workouts can have. Fortunately, I’ve since Googled “Manorexia,” and fully plan on dropping 20 pounds in the next two months. 1/4th stick of Celery Stalk for Breakfast, here I come.

More updates from the show as they happen, or as the idiot staring over my shoulder as I type this in the President’s Club, (Yes, you, with the purple tie – does anyone WEAR a purple tie anymore? Oh, the phone’s ringing, it’s for you, it’s 1986 and they want their tie back) goes away. Yup. He’s gone now.

Happy Monday.

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