I hate Southwest Airlines

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There are 22 people on the 9am flight to Vegas. I’m booked on the 10:10am flight to Vegas, which is completely full. I asked if I could get on the earlier flight, since there are (see above) 22 people on it.

“Of course you can, sweetie.”

“Great, that’d be wonderful!”

“It’ll be $72.00.”


Yup. On Southwest, to standby on an earlier flight, you have to buy an unrestricted ticket. If you bought a discount one seven months ago? Well, you’ve gotta pay the “upsell” fee.

That’s such BS. Anyhow, that’s my first rant.

Second rant:

Look at the photo below. I’ve deliberately blurred the woman’s face.


Why do people wear, around their necks, all of their information, tickets, and license, in a little pouch, like short-bus day-campers?

Do they realize how stupid it looks?

I’ll take it a step further: Do they realize that I, with a simple glance to my left, know their name, address, driver’s license number, flight information, and when they’re leaving?

Why not wear a sign around your dumb-ass neck that says “ROB MY ASS?”

I really, really need some freaking coffee.

Anyhow, on the 9am flight to Vegas, $72 “Happy Southwest Dollars” later. I can still buy stuff, since I’m not in Vegas yet, the rules of the experiment don’t apply yet.

Got two nice invites last night, so my schedule continues to fill. Which is nice. Also promised three more meetings to companies for coverage, so my Monday has a total of 75 minutes where I’m not in meetings. I think those 75 minutes are devoted to getting around from the South hall to the North, and back again.

Going to get coffee. Perhaps I can bring it on board my happy southwest flight. Ugh.

More from Vegas.

PS: Taser issued a press release a few days ago – they’ll be tasering again. But I’ve been there, done that. Where’s the waterboarding booth? The pepper spray booth? Come on. Impress me! 

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