I Feel Like Giving Away a Winter Jacket!

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I love the fact that I sit on boards. It means I get to give away super-cool free stuff.

Today, I get to give away a Winter Jacket (just in time) at ScotteVest. Like the kind I have. Want to win A Fleece 5.0? ScotteVest? Perfect for winter?

Here’s all you have to do:

Someone tweeted me this morning with a speaking opportunity – But they did it to @peter. When they didn’t get a response, they tweeted to @shankman. By this point, I was notified by more than one person that this tweeter thought I just wasn’t replying. *Facepalm.* So it occurred to me that I might want to do a better job branding my Twitter name. That’s where you come in:

Here’s the contest: Write down my Twitter handle: @petershankman – Then, put it somewhere visible, and take a photo of it. Tweet the photo to me (@petershankman) or leave it on my Facebook page.

The craziest location I see my Twitter name wins the jacket. It’s that simple. Contest ends November 1, 2011.

And by the way…  It’s an awesome jacket.

Have fun!

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