How to Not Be Hated for your Email Marketing

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With today’s big announcement that Vocus is acquiring iContact, I think it’s time to revisit the four ways to be hated because of your email marketing. There are a lot more, but follow these rules, and you’re off to a really good start. (Remember – I’m the guy who created a company that sends out 3.4 million double-opt-in, non-spam emails each month… So I kinda know what I’m talking about.)

Realize – Email marketing without the right training is a way to screw up to a larger audience in a shorter amount of time. What’s so great about this merger is that you now have the tools to look at email as another marketing tool – not just something alone – In other words, you can use all of the Vocus tools – The Small Business Marketing Suite, to truly grow your business, in every facet available – email, publicity, social media, you name it. Vocus really has become the small business marketing source.

The best part about the acquisition is this – The entire Vocus family will be around to help you – Email, just like HARO and PRWeb, and all the other stars within the Vocus galaxy, is simply another way to market to your consumers. But, it needs to be done right. Got a question? Ask me. Let me help you before you send those emails out – Lest they come back to bite you. The rules are below – right below this video of me interviewing the CEO of Vocus about this exciting acquisition.

4) Stop assuming that if we’ve ever met, even once, I want to be added to every list you have. There’s a great scene in “King of the Hill,” where Peggy gets some guy’s email address at a party, and says “Well, Mr. [email protected], prepare to be added to Peggy Hill’s Joke of the Day List!” You just know how annoying it is before you ever get one. Let people sign up for your list. DON’T sign them up yourself. It’s just bad.

3) Email is like really good Cumin. If you use too much of it, you’re going to ruin the dish. Email marketing isn’t to reach out and bother the customer every single day. It’s designed to create compelling content for the customer. This could be a special, a discount, or even a great story. Anything else can probably be done in a less intrusive way, like a blog post or a colooscopy.

2) I don’t know anyone named [email protected]. I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone who puts “THIS EMAIL ISN’T MONITORED, PLEASE DON’T REPLY” as the last line in their email. You’re earning the privilege to email your audience. Be a human being when you do it.

1) Much like a bad relationship, or a bad breakfast burrito, know when it’s time to part ways. Make it easy to leave, with one click. (Anything other than that is considered SPAM) – It’s awesome to be able to grow your list – But it’s just as good to be able to let people leave when they want to – Because I guarantee this – If I can’t unsubscribe from you, the world is going to hear about it – And it won’t be pleasant. One click, one away. Make that the rule you live by in email marketing.

Bonus – Do you use Auto-Responder emails? Chances are, you’re using them wrong, too. Here’s how not to.

Give me some other ideas that work for you on email marketing in the comments below! Best comment wins a free press release from PRWeb.

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