How to invite people to Help a Reporter

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Easiest way in the world to invite people to Help A Reporter – Simply cut and paste below:

As you know, reporters are constantly looking for sources. They’re always writing stories, reporting on something, and always need experts in the field of whatever they’re reporting.

Problem is, they don’t often know how to find them.

On the flip side, if you’re an expert at something (And come on, everyone’s an expert at SOMETHING,) how do you let the media know you’re available to talk and be quoted when they’re writing a story?

Well, I joined a free mailing list that solves both problems.

Basically, reporters send the list owner queries about what they’re working on. (“I’m writing a story on farming, and I need someone in NYC who’s grown a windowsill garden,” or “I’m doing a story on General Electric, and need a financial analyst who covers them.”)

Peter (a rather high-energy, but seemingly decent guy ( puts these all queries together, and emails them out, three times a day. There are usually anywhere between 10 and 25 queries per email, organized so you can read all of them in about five seconds. If any work for you, simply scroll down, and email the reporter with your details and why you’re an expert. If they don’t, simply delete them.

It’s that incredibly simple. Like most brilliant things are.

Oh yeah – it’s all free. The list has over 12,000 members that have joined since it launched three months ago, why not be one of them! Members have been quoted in everything from the NY Times to CNN to the Washington Post to the NY Daily News to Fox News to TV to radio to bloggers around the world.

Sign up here:

If you’re a journalist and want to submit a query: Submit it here:

That’s it! Use it well, happy quoting!

And there you go. 🙂

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