How I earned $4500 in two days from One Blog Post and One Email

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Last Wednesday, I sent an email to my audience. I have about 5,500 people on my mailing list. In it, I talked about the fear of change, and why change can be considered a good thing. I also mentioned briefly my series of small business masterminds that are taking place over the next few months.

The next day, I wrote a blog post about why masterminds are key for the small business set.

Neither one of the two pieces of content I created were “salesy.” In fact, they were the opposite – Good information, quality advice, and offerings of help. The mentions of my masterminds were a small additional bonus.

End result? Eight seats were sold in 24 hours to my upcoming masterminds. $4,500 made in less than a day.

Good content will always trump good advertising. (TWEET THIS!Create content that speaks to your audience. Create things that help your audience. Write posts that benefit your audience. Write with your audience in mind. Write with your audience’s needs and desires at the forefront of your creative process.

The return will be an audience that wants to buy from you, use what you offer, and share it with friends.

Now keep in mind, I’ve been cultivating this audience for years. How? By giving them quality content, just like the piece you’re now reading. That’s what gave me the ability to share – I’ve never given my audience bad content. I give them what they like, and they trust me. As such, my audience is more likely to read me, more likely to listen to me, and more likely to purchase if I ever offer them the chance to.

This isn’t a new rule, nor is it some creative plan from beyond the ages. It’s thousands of years old: You give your audience what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, and they’ll appreciate it, they’ll come back to you, and they’ll buy from you over and over again. Possibly even more important, they’ll tell friends. They’ll go out of their way to drag friends to buy from you, over and over.

As you create content today, I ask you this: Are you writing it for your audience, or simply to hear yourself talk? The answer is the difference between earning money, and just posting some words online.

As always, thoughts below are welcome. Happy Monday!

PS: These are the kind of things I talk about in the Masterminds I produce. If you’re a small business, an entrepreneur, or running your own gig, you don’t want to miss this season. We’ll be in New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Orange County, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Seattle. Hope to see you there!

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  • Julie Trade says:

    Attending your mastermind event last year in San Diego was ever so valuable for helping me to refine my business strategy. I’ve been a content writer for more than a decade, but you and the others in our group really helped me understand the importance of what I do. I learned that I don’t need to also be a website designer and PR manager. I’m most valuable when I can help a business generate and distribute useful, informative content. Thank you for sharing the importance of content!

  • Dan Fendel says:

    These sessions are the real deal, and of course so’s Peter. But what may not be instantly obvious is that you not only get the benefits of his insight and sharing…you get the chance to meet a wide range of folks who are as enthused and excited about their businesses and careers as you are about yours all across a vast spectrum of fields of endeavor–people who, in some cases, you’ll become friends and idea-sharers with from that point forward. Since I’m “between gigs” because I successfully “exited” the business I attended the session for last time, I’m regretfully passing on this round because of prior commitments…but if YOU haven’t been to one and HAVE a prior plan? Break that and do this. It really is that valuable and worthwhile…for the time spent with Peter…AND the people you’ll get to know and draw inspiration and ideas from, too.

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