How does one do PR for a Government that keeps doing things that cause you to make fun of it?

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A town, using homeland security money earmarked to protect against terrorism, just purchased 80 or so security cameras to keep an eye on the residents and prevent a potential terrorist attack.

Bravo. Well done. We can all feel safer, right?

Well, we could if it was New York, or Washington, DC, or LA, or even Seattle.

But it’s not. It’s Dillingham, Alaska.

Population: 2,400.

800 miles from Russia.

1,200 miles from Seattle.

It’s so remote that Google Maps doesn’t even have a spot for it

The former mayor of Dillingham had this to say:

“This is Dillingham, Alaska, folks,” he says. “I don’t think we have to worry about Osama bin Laden.”

So you’re the press secretary for the DHS. What do you say when this comes up in briefing? And you know it will. Your only possible answer is a nuke coming in from Russia. But would they smuggle it through a town where everybody knows everybody else, or just bring it on a container ship straight into Seattle?

Full story here from the LA Times.

I think the DHS should give me the $200,000 and let me fund AirTroductions with it. If everyone is friends with everyone else on the plane, no more hijackings. I’m just saying.

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