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So… Remember when I said good things were going to come from HARO being acquired by Vocus?

I wasn’t lying.

You were all like “OMG, it’s gonna be horrible, WTF, BRB, and LOL!” Actually, you didn’t LOL much. But the other things you did. And I was like, “OK, srsly, chill. And you were like, OMG!” And I was like, No, really, srsly, chill!”

And you finally did. And then I told you it was all gonna be good. And you were all like, “Well, ok… We’ll see if you’re right.”

I was right.

Vocus also acquired PRWeb a few years ago. So I said to them, “hey, why don’t we give our loyal HARO members a free press release on PRWeb?

To which they said “Cool!”

To which I said “Cool!”

And to which you all are now saying “Cool!”

So, go here and sign up. NOW, since it’s only for one day. (It’ll be for more in the future, but for now, it’s today. So go! Get a free press release to send out in the next two weeks. Why?

Because HARO, PRWeb, and Vocus are all cool like that.

Go and issue.

And hey… We told you this would be good.

-Peter Shankman9/13/10

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