Holy Customer Service!

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As you know, sometimes I rant about customer service. Sometimes, companies pay the price of my ranting.

Sometimes, though, a moment happens where the customer service is truly, utterly amazing, that I’ve no choice but to write about how WONDERFUL it was, and how truly amazed I am.

Flying home from Denver to NYC a few days ago. At some point during my trip, I’d lost my little bag that held an adapter and connector for my Sprint Wireless card. Figured I lost it at the client’s office or at the hotel. Checked online, my little bout of forgetfulness was going t cost me about $40 plus shipping to replace. OK, so be it. I’ll get to it when I get home.

Get to the airport, get through security after being lectured about what a proper plastic bag looks like, and head to the gate. While waiting to board, I hear “Will passenger Peter Shankman please come to the podium at gate A-49?”

The only time I like to hear that is when I DON’T have my upgrade. That means I getting it. Problem was, I already HAD my upgrade, and was afraid I’d wind up losing it or something.

Imagine my amazement when I hear, “Mr. Shankman, did you leave this black bag on the plane on your flight out on Monday?”


My bag was waiting for me, with a little note explaining to the gate agent that the flight attendant on my flight out had found it, noted my seat, looked up my reservation, and made sure to give it to the right person so she’d find me when I came in for my return flight. Check out that note. Click on it and read the handwriting. Can you believe that the culture in Continental is to go to all that extra trouble? Spectacular.

I’ve been a fan of Continental for years, ever since the CEO called me personally to respond to an email I sent complaining about a new fee. I’m now doubly, maybe even trebly so.

I’m amazed. Truly, truly amazed.

Well done, Continental. I’ll continue to be a fan for life.

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