Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Coffee Mug?

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As I start to do more and more video (both online and TV – Did someone say “series?” Not me… I have no idea what you’re talking about…) I’m finding that I’m drinking more and more coffee.

It’s sort of becoming a thing with me – If I’m doing TV, I need a cup of coffee. Fine, call it an addiction, if you need to.

So… Because what’s life, if not a branding effort, do you want your company’s logo on TV with me?

Just send me a coffee mug. Each time I do a segment, be it online or on TV, I’ll be drinking a cup of coffee out of a new mug. Got a cool one for your company? Let me see it!

Send it over to me, and be sure to wrap it really, really well! Include your email address in the package if you want me to notify you when it’s being used.

Send it over to:

The Geek Factory, Inc.ATTN: Peter Shankman601 W. 57th St.30-ENew York, NY 10019

Sound like a plan? And don’t worry about sending me coffee – I’m a Tassimo junkie – I’ve got more than enough coffee. Now I just need some super-cool mugs to drink it from!


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