Help A Reporter Out – The Sequel!

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So… Y’all remember how I started that little Facebook group I started that allowed me to connect reporters and sources, right? Well, 1,200 members later, and we’ve blown past email limits for Facebook groups. So with that said…

Welcome to Help A Reporter: The Sequel. Help A Reporter, at is live, and already making waves. Check out the NY Times from this morning, Marketing Sherpa from this morning, and the tons of blogs and Tweets about it.

When we do it right, I REALLY love this industry.

Two quick photos: First one from my arrival at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach a few days ago. I love it when hotels take the time to figure out what your addictions are, then make sure they’re taken care of. (And my addictions are chips and salsa and guac, not Tequila. (although Tequila is probably a close second…)

Welcome to The Island

Finally, I’m of the belief that you can find beauty everywhere, if you just take a second and look for it. This photo was from my hotel last night, as I was walking out of my room to head to a dinner.Beauty Everywhere

I’m beginning to think that it’s really just about noticing it’s there. Beauty exists everywhere.

Happy Friday.

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