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Think about it this way: Since it’s 12 hours later here than there, I’m going to start telling people I can see the future.

Got up this morning and hit the gym. Again, no jet-lag, and a few miles on the treadmill confirmed it. By 9:30am, I was out and about, exploring Singapore on my only free day here this week. “Off days” at conferences are weird to begin with – you’re working, yet you’re not. And if you’re anything like me, you’re actually ahead of the game because you spent so much time working on the plane – so you’ve time to kill, but you feel weird about killing it. Even though it’s 3am in your home time zone, it’s 3pm here, and you feel like you should be working.

Annoying anecdote of the day: Most hotels in Asia have this concept to save energy where you can’t leave the lights on when you leave. When you enter the room, you have to put your key in a little slot that then “turns on” the room, i.e., allows all the other lights to come on. When you leave, you take it out of the slot and take it with you, thus putting the room into darkness again, and saving you money.

Of course, though, when you walk into your hotel for the first time and you’re totally exhausted, you don’t remember putting the key in the slot. This means that the next morning, you will DEFINITELY waste at least 20 minutes LOOKING FOR THE DAMN KEY. Which, of course, you finally find, in the slot.


Walking around, I came across a few things, including a Border’s Bookstore, where, guess what I found, featured prominently in the Business Section?


It’s the first time I’ve seen my book outside of the US. I was so excited, I turned to the first person I saw and said, “If you’re looking for a really good book on marketing and PR, I recommend this one – because I wrote it.” Sure enough, he spoke English, picked up a copy, and bought it! I was totally stoked. We spoke for a few minutes, his name is Frank, he was here with his girlfriend, and divides his time between Malta, London, and Singapore, as a consultant. Tough life! Either way, thanks for buying my book!

My book with many others. (I’m kinda curious about the one that says “The Hamster Revolution.”)


Much more detailed price tags over here:


Walking out of Border’s with a stupid grin on my face, I found a few cool things…

A cool store name:


I have at least five friends who would immediately run into the store below, only to be very disappointed to find out that it’s not at all what the sign leads you to believe. Sorry Rachel, they only sell Jewelry.


Finally, I found a Sushi restaurant with a logo that I totally want to copy, steal, and put on my business card. How cool is this? Just a very angry Asian man. I LOVE this logo.


I’m thinking about leading off my chairman’s remarks tomorrow with something about how there’s breaking news as I speak – peace has been declared in the middle east, and all fighting has amazingly, completely stopped. Warring factions have put down their arms, and are talking about how to fairly divvy up the land. Apparently, the new Apple iPhone has a “peace in the middle east” button, and some temp worker for AT&T accidentally pushed it four days ahead of the iPhone’s scheduled launch.

OK, if you don’t like that one, write my speech for me. Seriously – If I get enough comments to fill up 30 minutes of “Chairman’s opening remarks,” I’ll drop my blog onto the overhead and read my speech directly from the comments. Go for it. Tell your friends. Could make for a really interesting set of opening remarks.

Gonna try and get to bed early – Got a dinner tonight, then sleep – Have to be at the conference by 7:15, and I want to get gym time first.

Go ahead! Write my speech! What are you waiting for? Too long for the comments? Email it to me.

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