HARO Family Member Halloween Costume Winner

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Check this photo out – Click on it to make it larger.

At Thompson and Company, a Communications and Marketing firm in Memphis, TN, the task to their employees this Halloween was simple: Dress as your favorite Brand Icon, then try and guess who everyone represents.

Brilliant. How many can you get?

This in no way diminishes the amount of babies as firemen, spacemen, The Jokers, witches, cross dressers, Sarah Palins, John McCains, and Amy Winehouses that tons of other HARO members dressed up as on this fine Friday. Well done all. 🙂 (Including a very scary The Joker from my Attorney, of all people.)

Happy Halloween from Meagan and myself, and of course, the kitties. (NASA was camera shy today. I managed to get Karma in a Chicken mask for about five seconds before the bleeding from my arm due to her expressing her displeasure at said Chicken mask was too much to ignore.)

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