Gettin’ my ass kicked in sunny LA

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A good thing, I suppose… Trinity Boxing, my gym of choice in NYC has opened up an outdoor studio in LA. It’s a giant house in Studio City, with an huge backyard open for training. Steps, roads, plus of course, all the usual – bags, a ring, kettle bells, etc.

Nothing like flying 3,000 miles wrapped in the fat folds of a 400 man next to you for warmth, (No AirTroductions matches…) only to get your ass kicked. Woo-hoo. On the plus side, though, I trained with the incredibly stunning Jill Kerry Ward, a New Yorker, Golden Glover who has moved to LA to act more. Again, nothing like getting your ass kicked by a hot, smaller, faster girl, who, by the way, is the 7-year-reigning MOUNT WASHINGTON PIE EATING CHAMPION. Seriously. She’ll be on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight, by the way, demonstrating her pie-eating abilities. If I ate pie like she did, I’d be seven hundred pounds. She weighs MAYBE 43 pounds.

Welcome to LA.

Now I’m late for my meeting with Brand Week.Dammit.

Expect a much bigger post later on boxing – this weekend’s fight between Mayweather and De La Hoya has been called by more than one sportswriter “the fight that will either save or kill boxing.” It’s an amazing story – where has boxing gone? Is it really close to death? Stay tuned.

Trinity Gym in LA below.


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