Fun Sunday Morning Activity

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John F Kennedy’s runway 13R-31L is the second longest commercial runway in North America, at a length of 14,572 ft (4,441 m). Total runway length is nearly 3 miles. -Wikipedia

I got to run it.

I know I shouldn’t be running, thanks to my Achilles Tendonitis, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Every year, the JFK Rotary Club, for charity, produces the JFK 5k Runway Run. You start at Building 14, towards the back of the airport, run onto the Runway, turn around in front of a plane (This year, a Jet Blue A320) and then run back.

To run on a JFK Runway is just something that can’t be described. It was so amazingly cool! And of course, because it’s a runway, it’s FLAT! Flat = speed. I ran the 5k at 7:50’s. Not too shabby for being injured, I’d say.

Wound up running it with Hilary Potkewitz of Crain’s NY Business, as well as two other Harriers and five Resorvoir Dogs.

(The two Harriers and five Dogs all managed to win something in their age group. I managed to drive to the airport without getting into an accident. I suppose that’s worth something. Remember in elementary school where they’d make up an award for the kid who had no athletic ability but they didn’t want him to feel left out? It’s kind of like that. I feel like I should get a certificate with “Best Breather” on it or something.)

Anyhow, photos below. Really fun event.

Jet Blue Plane
Heading to the turn-around point on the Runway, a Jet Blue A320 Airbus.

Peter Shankman on the Runway
A self-portrait of me on the Runway. Note the huge painted white lines signifying that it is, in fact, a runway.

Bobby from the Harriers, Hilary Potkewitz, and Peter Shankman
After the race. We’re by building 14, which is obviously a big-ass hangar. Very cool stuff.

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