Friday editor lesson of the day: STOP HAVING SEX WITH PUBLICISTS

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Los Angeles Times Editor Andres Martinez resigned after a “failed editing experiment” and allegations of an ethical breach.

Basically, the LA Times was going to have a “Guest Editor” section, where celebs and the like could edit the paper, deciding what stories could run and who could write them.

Brian Grazer (producer, A Beautiful Mind) was gonna be the first editor, this past Sunday.

Except that Martinez was doing Kelly Mullins, a publicist who work(ed)s for 42 West, a PR agency that reps… wait for it… Brian Grazer. (Per WSJ, sub req.)

My recommendation to publicists/editors/reporters… Do whomever you want. Just make sure you’re not working with them in any capacity. It’s a good rule to have. I’ve only broken it once. But she was stepping down as editor of the…

Yeah. Right. You wish.

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