Forget about Carbon Neutral…

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We all know about going Carbon Neutral, right? That’s when you buy “carbon credits” to offset your “carbon footprint.” I.e,, I use x much gas, and travel y much, so I buy z amount of carbon credits, and thereby haven’t hurt the environment by living.

It’s a good idea.

Well, some smart entrepreneurs have taken the concept of neutrality to a whole new level.

I strongly recommend we all sign up for this.

Introducing… Cheat Neutral.

By matching up cheaters with the loyal, Cheat Neutral allows you to offset the pain and heartache your partner would otherwise go through if you cheated.

I can’t stop laughing. Check out some of their testimonials:

Steve and Lisa
Steve and Lisa met while on holiday in Spain, and quickly fell head over heels for each other. That Christmas, at his office party, Steve got drunk and unavoidably repeatedly cheated on Lisa with Cheri, a co-worker. He paid Cheatneutral just £2.50 and we invested his money in Alex, a single man with no prospect of finding a partner. In return for the payments, Alex agreed to remain single.

Thanks to Cheatneutral, Steve was able to come clean about his cheating to Lisa, and when he presented her with the Cheatneutral certificate they realised they wanted to get married. Their wedding is taking place in the summer. Steve continues to regularly cheat on Lisa and Cheatneutral continues to fund projects like Alex with his offset payments.

This is so brilliant.

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