For Some, Google + is actually quite the minus

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I got no less than five invitations yesterday to try Google+, the new social network from Google (Nasdaq: GOOG). Unfortunately, I can’t use any of them. Why?

Because I pay for Google.

I’ll give you a second to process that.

Yup. I use Google Apps to run and all the emails. Because of that, I have no way to link Google+ to my account, because you need a Google profile for it, and Google Apps (the thing I pay for) doesn’t support Google Profiles.

Still with me?

Not sure what kind of logical customer service it is to treat the people who pay for your service worse than the people who get it for free, but that’s apparently what Google is going for.

Of course, they’ve put out no notification about this, no update from them. I found out by checking various message boards from people having the same problem as me.

So, um… Google… What’s up with this?

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