Five Ways to Increase Your Hustle by 10%

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Yesterday, I tweeted the following:Increase your hustle by 10%, and your game will increase by 50%. Trust me. I’ve done it.

Here are five easy ways to help increase that hustle.

1) Talk to three people you haven’t spoken to in a while – Hint – Facebook makes it super easy. Simply look to the right of any page, and you’ll see this:

Connect via Facebook

Simply say hi to three people in your network. Doing this every day guarantees that you’re talking to your entire network, and not wasting those connections. It also promotes top of mind presence, which makes people think of you when they need something – which leads to more work for you, which translates into more revenue – i.e., upping your game.

2) Get off your ass. Get up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow and go outside. Run around the block. Walk if you’ve never run. Go grab your bike out of the garage, dust it off, and ride it for 30 minutes. I don’t need to go into the obvious health benefits of doing this, but here’s something you may not know – A 30 minute workout can boost your endorphins and dopamine levels (the happy chemicals in your body) for up to six hours. That’s six hours of happy-you at work. Result? You do more, manage your time better, and are in a better mood. People respond to that – It ups your game.

3) Go drop some money on something cool. Yes, we’re all taught to save. But never underestimate the game-upping power the hot new phone, or camera, or laptop has for you and your business. Just the simple act of owning it helps – You know how good you felt when you got your new laptop? Same thing. You want to use it more. So you will. More work = game upped.

4) Change the scenery. Work from somewhere else tomorrow. A different block, a different city, a different country. Do what’s 1% out of your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable working from Starbucks, head to the park. My favorite? Go find an airport, and park as close to it as you can without getting arrested – so you’re just outside the runway and in the flight path. Then sit on the hood of your car and work wirelessly on your laptop, making sure to look up every three minutes and watch these multi-ton behemoths fly overhead, just inches from your skull. Loud engines up your game.

5) Take on a pro-bono client. Nothing like doing some good to up your game. Not only will you feel good, but people notice people who volunteer for good things. You’ll wind up helping a ton of people, and as important, your name will get out there to people who matter even more so. Game: Upped.

There are tons of other ways to up your hustle, thereby upping your game. What’s your favorite? Leave it in the comments.

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