Five reasons why you should ALWAYS answer that first email

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I got to wear the 1986 New York Mets World Series Ring and hold the trophy today, in a parking lot of an Embassy Suites, in Omaha, Nebraska, because Ed Hearn, a former NY Mets player, sent me an email asking for advice about publicity.

1986 Mets World Series Ring and Trophy

1986 Mets World Series Ring and Trophy

I get a lot of questions from people who see me speak, are on HARO, have read my book, or have seen me on TV. Email is probably 60% or more of my time.

I’ve been told over and over to outsource my email. I will never do it.

If someone takes the time to email me, the least I can do is email them back, even if it’s just to say “no thanks.”

My rule: Always answer the first email, always take the first meeting. Why?

Five reasons:

5) You never know when someone you meet will lead to work – either now or in the future

4) It gets you out of the house/office and forces you to see things in a new way.

3) Every second of every day in life should be a networking opportunity

2) You get to meet truly amazing people when you least expect it, and get a window into their lives.

1) It’s good Karma.

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