Five Random Things You Shouldn't Do.

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Five Random Things You Shouldn’t Do:

5) If you’ve never sent me an email before, or if this is the first time I’ve heard from you in six months or more, don’t make the first email you send one that asks me to vote for you in some stupid Oprah contest.

4) Don’t send an email to every single address you’ve found for me – like any that start with “info” or “advertise” or “speaking,” because chances are, they all go to me, and I’m going to be pissed off.

3) If you promise me something by a certain date and don’t get it, posting Foursquare updates of where you are all weekend, and how you’re chilling, and relaxing, and not doing anything, isn’t a bright move. Don’t do that.

2) Don’t allow your Foursquare updates to auto-post to Twitter. As I’ve said, the only time you should ever post that you’re in a Starbucks is if it’s on fire, and you’re rescuing people from it.

1) Don’t use Social Media as a “screw you” to someone you’re involved with. Thousands of followers don’t need to see specific little updates that we all know are directed at someone specific. Be an adult and contact them directly. Don’t be a victim of SPAS. (Socially Passive Agressive Syndrome)

Tomorrow: Five Random Things You Should Do More Of.

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