Facebook's New Profiles – A Shot through the Heart of LinkedIn?

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I’ve always said that I see very little value in LinkedIn – I don’t need a resume and a bunch of people kissing your ass in recommendations to tell me to hire you or not. Additionally, the groups serve very little purpose to me – I want to know something? I ask Twitter.

For that reason, I’ve always been a much a fan of Facebook’s profiles – I can learn not only everything about you, but (and this is clutch for me) I can learn about the people you associate with – Much like “you are what you eat,” it can also be said “you are who your friends are.” If I look at your wall, and it’s filled with “Dude! That bong you brought to the party was amazing!” I’m probably not going to hire you, no matter how good your resume. It’s for that reason I’ve always believed Facebook to be more relevant than LinkedIn.

Facebook now apparently sees that, as well – With their new profiles, they’re doing a much better job of crushing LinkedIn once and for all – One way? Check out the new “Add a project” feature on the “Education and Work” Page. By allowing people to add projects, that makes Facebook just a little more “professional,” shuts up all the people who say “Oh, LinkedIn is for Professionals, not Facebook,” and bleeds out just a little bit more, what little blood LinkedIn has left in it.

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What say you?

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