Everybody’s a Winner at Nixon Peabody! (Except for… um… Nixon Peabody)

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Long story cut short:

Nixon Peabody wins a “best place to work” award. They decide to write a song about it. Song is horrible. Song gets put on You-tube. Nixon Peabody, instead of laughing it off and actually getting some good attention to themselves (hey, NP has a sense of humor! I’d hire them!) they start acting like lawyers. Cease and desists abound.

Now Nixon Peabody looks stupid.

All because they acted like lawyers, instead of acting like marketers. They could have not only saved themselves a ton of stupidity, but also looked quite cool.

But they didn’t.

Probably because in a law firm, a marketing department is a necessity, but one similar to flood insurance. In a law firm, a marketing department isn’t thought of as “the people to listen to.”

So they didn’t.

And hilarity ensued.

Bad Nixon Peabody. Listen to marketing more. And the next time you make a stupid video, just have fun with it, ok?

Thanks JTD for the heads up.

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