Email Marketing Fail: Pita Grill, New York City

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So I eat at Pita Grill a lot. I love their Steak and Rice Bowl. Their Hummus is quite good, and because it’s Hummus, I’m apt to forget how fattening it is, because it sounds like it’s good for me.

However, from an email marketing perspective, they need to go back to the kitchen.

I got this in my email today, with the subject line of “Happy Earth Day!”

OK. Where to begin…

OK. It is earth day, it’s 4/22. They got that part right. Sadly, though, that’s where the good stuff ends.

Their call to action was

a) Buy our food.b) Don’t get it delivered, but come and pick it upc) Eat it outside.

What am I missing here?

Wouldn’t Pita Grill do better offering some kind of call to action that encourages me to go there not just because I remember how good their Steak Rice Bowl is, but rather, because they’re offering some kind of discount, or other incentive?

How about: “In celebration of Earth Day, help keep our planet green by walking to pick up your food instead of ordering it in, and , and we’ll give you ten percent off your order! And hey, since it’s a gorgeous day out, eat it at Hell’s Kitchen Park, a block away!”

Or, they could do what Seamless Web does, and tell me that if I bring my own silverware, they’ll drop a buck off my order. I’m actually kinda surprised they DIDN’T do this, since if you look, their back-end is RUN by Seamless Web!

All companies know that Green only works for them if it has a bottom line of money saved or made. And we also know that money earned comes better with targeted campaigns. So since you already had my contact info, why not give me a better reason to come to you today?

I’m already in their geographic area, since they deliver to me, so adding in the park reference would be a nice touch, since I didn’t even know such a park existed. (Thank you, Google Earth.)

The goal of any email campaign should be conversion, not JUST recognition. As such, a call to action must actually DO something, not just remind me of you. Give me a reason to eat there again when I hadn’t thought of it before, and I’ll come on in.

On the plus side, at least they didn’t tell me to print out the email and bring it in for a discount.

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