Don’t You Wish You Were Me?

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In CA for meetings today. Figured I’d head out and skydive all morning.

It’s cloudy as anything. No skydiving. So I sit here, at the makeup counter/mirror of my suite, working. I could do this from home. I don’t need to be a suite to do it.”Wow, Peter, you get to travel all the time! It must be so cool!”

Yes. Welcome to “so cool.” Population: Me.

On the plus side, I have tons of room to apply my foundation and lip liner.

In other news… is E-to-the-X-to-the-Ploding. 500 members this morning alone! Woo-hoo! And the first query request sent out came from the Chicago Tribune! That rocks.

Feel free to sign up. Phil Gomes wrote an interesting observation on it this morning, as did Ryan Sholin. We’ll see where it goes. I’m excited for it.

That’s it. Back in NYC tomorrow evening. Which gives me one whole weekend. Then AC Tues/Weds for Harrah’s, then Denver Thurs/Fri for Disaboom.

Finally, I was Podcasted a few days ago by The Publicity Show out of Atlanta, you can listen here. Was actually a lot of fun!

Oh, and thanks to the Twitterverse for helping to blow up HelpAReporter. It’s been huge!

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