Did Fox News Today on the Aquafina story

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Did Fox News today – Got a call as my plane was landing in Chicago. 40 minutes later, I was at Fox’s Chicago studio, being put into makeup. (which I forgot to wipe off, which made my client burst into hysterics when she saw me.)

Piece was on Aquafina having to put verbage on their bottles letting people know that Aquafina is basically just filtered tap water.

Which honestly, is fine by me. I love tap water. I drink Aquafina. The point I tried to make was that it’s the psychological thing – too many people think “it comes in a bottle, then it must be better.” When in fact, that’s not necessarily the case.

Anyhow, clip is below. Fox’s studios in Chicago are quite nice. And they had free candy. Which I wasn’t allowed to eat. Sigh.

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