Dear Steve: So wait… I was right?

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Dear Steve:

Back in 2000 or so, you told me that you couldn’t “handle” the kind of PR I was doing, because we “thought differently” and “worked in different ways.” I remember one quote from you – “Calling yourself the Geek Factory? Is that really what clients want to see? You and I are just so different.”

You emphasized “so” with a disdain in your voice akin to you being a female from West Beverly High, and me being a 600 calorie Frappucino.

So imagine my shock when I see this column this morning in Ad Age – one that you wrote – “As Technology Develops, So Does Role of “Geek Marketers“”


Well I’ll be.

Don’t suppose you feel like apologizing to me… I mean, it’s only seven years later…

You can so just put it in an email.



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