Customer Service Done Right Through Email

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How many emails do we get a day that we just delete? The majority of people out there believe “He handed me his business card” is synonymous with “I can add him to my list and email him stuff I won’t want.” This isn’t true, and if you do it enough, it causes great harm to your business.

But every once in a while, someone does it right.

This morning, I got an email from Jeffrey Einstein, a realtor at Citi Habitats, a realty place in NYC. I have no idea how I got on his list, and this is the first email I’ve received from him. I own a place, so I don’t need a listing of the latest rentals.

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t that.  The email said “Happy Labor Day!” I opened it up, to find one line from Jeffrey: “Just in case you’re hunting around for something to do in NYC this Labor Day weekend… ENJOY!” and then the following, very useful, very timely graphic, listing a bunch of things that were happening this weekend in New York City.

So what did Jeffrey do right?

He did his homework. He made sure I lived in NYC

He sent me something relevant, something that would benefit me

He didn’t spam me with useless information

He didn’t try to sell me.

I don’t know Jeffrey that well. I’m sure we met once or twice – I meet everyone – It’s what I do for a living. But will I remember Jeffrey now? Yes. Will I recommend Jeffrey and Citi Habitats anytime a friend is looking for a place to live? Damn right I will.

Reaching out to people to do nothing but try and sell them is useless. Reaching out to people because there’s a benefit in it for them? Huge. Be helpful. That’s should always be your goal.

Disclosure: I have no relationship with Jeffrey whatsoever, other than being on his email list.

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