CNN: And Now for Something Completely Different…

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CNN redesigns their entire sked – I for one liked it fine the way it was. But hey, that’s just me. And I’m just a voice of one.

Besides, Atlanta’ns don’t know good satire when they see it – You don’t reassign someone like Jack Cafferty to the 3-6pm slot without releasing the wrath of people who like sarcasm with their Cheerios.

Taken from someone at CNN who was kind enough to forward to memo to me.

June 6, 2005

To: CNN Staff
From: Jon Klein

Today, we have some exciting programming announcements that are designed to sharpen the focus on what CNN does best: deliver the latest and most important news and information with the greatest intelligence.

Starting June 20, Miles O’Brien will join Soledad O’Brien as host of American Morning. Miles is a superb anchor and correspondent and he will be a terrific addition to the show. Kim Bondy and I are committed to American Morning being the clear news alternative to the other morning shows, and we believe that with Miles and Soledad at the helm we will fulfill the promise of making AM the smartest morning show.

Bill Hemmer has decided to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and we wish him the best. Bill is a highly respected colleague and I know that everyone who worked with Bill over the years will miss him. Jack Cafferty has been reassigned to the upcoming 3 p.m.-to-6 p.m. newsblock where he will continue to provide his unique and incisive commentary.

As for that new afternoon block, we are very excited about our new program The Situation Room, which will be modeled in spirit after the White House Situation Room. Wolf Blitzer will convene teams of our top correspondents and experts to offer a range of up-to-the-second reporting on issues from homeland security, politics and national and world affairs. The Situation Room studio itself will facilitate a blend of traditional newsgathering with the latest information from online sources.

The first hour will focus on political news. For the influential people of Washington, D.C., Inside Politics had long become appointment viewing, so we want to preserve that habit. Our second hour will be devoted more to security issues and our Security Watch reports, taking advantage of our unparalleled team of experts of military, security, national and international experts. The third hour will encompass world and national news.

David Bohrman, Sam Feist and I expect that this unique showcasing of CNN’s reportorial talent and expert insight should make The Situation Room a one-stop-shop for viewers interested in monitoring the most significant events of any given day.

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