Changing the name of this blog to “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to see on You-tube, Volume 9932″

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This is truly spectacular. I’ve said it before. It’ll come back to bite you. It always does. Ask Darren. Or George. Or anyone else who’s found themselves on the wrong end of the You-tube cattle prod.

Here’s what happens when you freak out on a movie set.

You know, a movie set. That has CAMERAS. That tend to be ROLLING. Rolling to TAPE THINGS. That are then RECORDED. For ALL TIME.

George Clooney is offering a million dollars to anyone who can prove he’s behind the leak. It’s awesome.

Basically, Director David O Russell of I Heart Huckabees flips out on Lily Tomlin. Watch to the end.

This is why I don’t flip out. At least, rarely. And if I do, I’ve swept the place for bugs and recording devices previously.


Yeah. Knock over that lamp.

Update: I’ve been informed this is old news. As it may be, it’s still an example of what not to do, so I’ll leave it. I’ll also subscribe to US, People, and whatever other magazines pass for “reading” nowadays. Financial Times be dammed.

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