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You know there are too many booth babes at a show when I say there are too many booth babes at a show.

This show gets bigger and bigger every year – to the point where you just ask if it’s too much… But it’s kind of like Heroin. This is my 7th CES show – and as much as I don’t want to go again, you know I will. Sigh.

Saw my friends from Phone Scoop again, saw Jason Calacanis, and a bunch of other old friends. Always nice.

Verizon really went all out for this event – parties, closed down Nobu, Maroon 5 and Yellowcard, press conferences at Hard Rock, I’d love to know how much money they spent. Truly amazing. I’m also curious to find out how they measure the success of this show – they got a ton of press about v-Cast music, but I’d be interested to see their measurement for it.

Seagate had a fun little event last night at MGM Grand. They gave out nice 8-gig flash drives – perfect for my Nikon D1X.

How’s this for great PR, though – everywhere you looked, at all the little stores/cigarette/magazine stores, you could see Fortune Magazine, with their cover story – “company of the year.” The company? Seagate. How cool are you if you’re Seagate at this conference? “Yes, that IS us on the cover of Fortune.”

Press room at any major trade show:

10% of the people file actual stories

90% of the people sitting in the press room come for the free food. It’s kinda sad.


Photo taken with Verizon’s new LG8100 vCast music phone.

And the show goes on. And on.

Finally… Because I live in NYC, and don’t get to see this that often – I caught this with my cameraphone


Check out the sweet, sweet Las Vegas Mullet. Yee-haw!

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