Caveman’s Crib… So easy… A plethora of people working together could do it!

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So I was so fascinated by Caveman’s Crib, I did some homework, and got in touch with one Joe Talbott. It would seem Joe was part of the brilliant creative team that produced

Joe was quick to tell me it wasn’t just him. In fact, he praised the other people on his team so much, he could do their PR.

In his email back to me, which he titled “Who let the Crib Out! Who? Who? Who?” (Thank you, Joe, for putting that spiffy tune in my head all day – appreciate it.) he outlined how he worked with a whole team to produce the site:

My web developer partner Siegfred Fuster and I produced the site within GEICO’s in-house Corporate Communications department, in partnership with GEICO’s Marketing department.  I served as creative director, copy and dialogue writer and film director of the site.  Siegfred was the lead web developer and technical wizard.  Llennel Evangelista and Peggy Mandanas were the only other web developers on both versions of the site.  Of course, many others within GEICO’s Marketing and Communications departments were instrumental in the creation of the site.

We’re really glad you enjoyed it.  It’s been fun slowly adding layers to the personal stories of the GEICO cavemen and, in case you haven’t noticed, there are some definite story arcs that are going to play out on the site in the months to come.  Stay tuned.

I was enthralled, and wanted to know more. But Joe played it close to the vest, telling me only this:

We really have some interesting uses of this interactive “art form” up our sleeve for future updates.  Can’t wait to show you in the coming months!

Impressive as hell, what a small team can come up with when the talent is there. (Hence another reason out of millions that I like working alone, or with a very tiny group, as opposed to selling out and joining a mega-agency)

So even though Joe played it cool, he did clue me in that there are several hints and easter eggs in the site that could possibly lead to some cool hidden information about who plays which caveman. Apparently, the cavemen are played by some people who may or may not be unknowns!

I’ll also add that I found, on my own, that the laptop has a hidden button that brings up the desktop – with a few more videos. So fun!

I’m going to stalk Joe now and make him give me scoops before new ‘sodes are posted. Which I’ll gleefully share. I’ll also say that I would have KILLED to have been on the shoot for that party scene. How much fun would that have been? Joe? Listening? Next episode? Hello?

Caveman’s Crib. So easy, even I could blog about it!


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