Carrol at Visibility PR responds to my Coma post

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Carrol (note two “r’s”, my apologies for missing that in the original post) wrote me a note regarding my posting about her “Unless he’s coming out of a coma” media release of last week.

Peter, loved the blurb and pitch tip on my press release BUT have to differ and so would the  press who showed up at TheCRO to cover the speeches and land rare in-person interviews with both giants, Lewis Kaden and Russell Simmons.  They were thrilled! 

OK, good for her. Press showed up. But she never mentioned exactly WHO. The “press” could be “Joe’s house of speech coverers,” there for the free food. That doesn’t mean it was a smart idea.

All I’m saying, Carrol, is that a press release about someone speaking is not the strongest news hook in the world. You seem smart. You could probably craft a better release that would generate even more publicity, right?

Leave a comment – We’d love to know which media showed up to thrill the giants.

PS: I would also say that you’re overstating the “rare-ness” of an interview with Russell Simmons. “A rare in-person interview” occurs with, say, Osama Bin Laden. Not Russell Simmons or Lewis Kaden. A one year search on Factiva shows 564 quotes by Russell Simmons, and 31 on Lewis Kaden. Interestingly, though, the last hit on Lewis Kaden in Factiva is your press release. When are the stories coming out on the event? And I’m not giving you crap here – I’m honestly curious. Let us know!

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