But What Can I Do About It?

It’s been a tough few weeks for all of us, to say the least. So much hate, so much anger towards each other.

But what can I do about it? Everyone always asks that. “Yeah, the world sucks, but what can I do about it? I’m just one person! “Yeah, we’re treating our fellow man like garbage, but it’s a bigger problem, what can I possibly do to fix it?”

I think the issue is that we’re looking at it as a global problem, when in fact, almost every problem we have is very hyper-local. In other words, each one of us has the power to fix a good number of issues facing the world, whether we know it or not.

Here’s why: In the end, everything starts with our attitude, and how we interact with the world. When things get crappy, we tend to feel crappy. Thus, we act crappy to the rest of the world.

But what if we didn’t? What if we made a pledge to do one kind thing each day for a random stranger who crosses our path?

For me, that’s buying a bag of M&Ms before I get on an airplane, and giving it to the flight attendant with the instruction that he or she share it with their coworkers. I do it every single flight I take, like the one I’m currently waiting for to take me to Dallas overnight for a keynote tomorrow morning.

Are my M&Ms going to bring about world peace? Not directly. But for a few hours, it’s going to make people happy. Will it stop people from killing each other, harassing each other, or stealing from each other? Probably not. But it’ll make a handful of people happy directly, and indirectly, it might cheer up a whole plane of people

And that’s something I can do every time I fly, which is often.

What little thing can you do today that can make a difference? Because if we all do a little thing, over time, that’ll add up to a better world. I simply have to believe it will. Really, what other choice do we have?

Have a wonderful day, my friends.

Sending love and light to you all.

Peter Shankman

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  • Kim says:


  • I would love to join you in Las Vegas although I’m going through a horrific divorce that is going nowhere and on top of that I’m not working. No Denaro – No Travel LOL

    Just a comment:

    I just watched you on HLN with Robin Mead and as soon as I heard you put customer service and ADD in the same sentence I jumped up to get your name… very glad I did! I am a total customer service geek who is constantly let down in almost every job I accept due to others (even mgt) not feeling the same way. After a while, if I haven’t gotten a promotion and can correct the problem at that time, the job gets far to stressful to continue. Being ADD, It’s hard for me to wait very long before I just have to say something to the person who shows poor customer service. Many times that person really doesn’t care what my opinion of them is and feels that It’s not my business who or how they talk to their client. Grrrr!
    I’m really hoping to find a place of employment where customer service is important to everyone in the company. I will then know that I have found my forever job!

    Thank You Peter for Inspiring Me!

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