But baby it’s cold outside…

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Personal post. Move along if bored.

Nothing like running a half-marathon in the freezing 26-degree temperatures of a New York City winter. It was brutally brutal. This must be what running in space is like. Of course, by mile two, we were all sweating, which kept us warm until the race ended, of course, as soon as we crossed the finish line, we were freezing again.

You can so totally tell that I’m not in full-training mode – I ran a 1:53:38, or an 8:40 pace. This was nothing like my 8:05 pace a month before the marathon. It’ll happen again… Trust me on this.

Next time you’re pitching Mediapost, or Sportsline, or Ad Week, and you’re emailing Larry Dobrow, congratulate him on his 1:38:16 run – or a 7:30 per mile half-marathon today. Go Larry!

Off to suck the warmth from both my cats. Because it’s damn cold here.

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